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What’s going on guys? Welcome back to a new video Today we’re going to be playing a game That can tell me who my Youtube girlfriend is Now guys don’t get me wrong okay There are a lot of female Youtubers out there that are quite attractive So it will be really interesting to see Who this test comes up with to be my “Youtube Girlfriend” But yeah without further ado Thanks for recommending this to me and let’s begin Alright, so the first question says,” Are you a boy or a girl?” That one, I guess that’s not too hard Let’s see. What are the choices? Boy, Girl, Who cares Gonna go with boy Alright.

Question number 2 Expectations vs.Reality. What are you expecting in a girlfriend? The categories are, sense of humor, hot, understanding or being lively.

So I’m guessing that means like if they’re exciting /if they have a good personality Well I guess most of these are kind of personality I don’t know, I guess for me the two most important ones would probably be sense of humor and understanding I think it’s just really important to understand your partner or your girlfriend or boyfriend whoever you’re in a relationship with If you can’t understand them and like understand their personality and who they are then I definitely feel like the relationship is just not gonna go well and sense of humor. That’s definitely important to me as well because you guys you know I have a pretty interesting sense of humor maybe you guys don’t all understand it But you know, I think a sense of humor is really important If a girl like finds my jokes funny, then I think that’s really attractive So basically that means I’m gonna be single for life Alright. So I’m gonna go with sense of humor and next question okay how much hot would you… would be your date 1 to 4 Why is it only one to four? Why isn’t it like one to ten dude?

But firstly, let me just say. This sentence, AH-A How much hot would be your date? Dude, I can’t even read that without like misreading it How much hot would be your date? I think what they mean to say is,” How hot would your date be? Is this talking about your date like going on a date with someone or is this talking about the person, like the noun date like the girl that you’re dating, like which one is it?

I mean hey it either means the girl is gonna be attractive or the date is gonna get intense(chuckles) so I don’t know Alright. Let’s go with four Alright next question, Which country would you want to visit someday and really dude, I only get three choices? Italy, USA, or England Well since I’ve definitely been to the USA once or twice I think I’m gonna go with England.

Like don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanna go travel to Italy someday But I’ve never been to England yet And that’s been a place that I’ve wanted to visit for like a long time ( in English accent) And also I’ve wanted to speak like this and see if anybody could actually realize I’m American. Yeah, I know. That was the worst English accent you’ve probably every heard. I’ll never do it again guys.

I promise Alright.Next Question. What is your guilty pleasure? Being kind of sassy.

Fashion. Using up all the gas in the car. That one is a tricky one.

Anime. I have none. Being sarcastic all the time. Comic Books. and Lipsticks.

Don’t even think about it guys. I know what you’re thinking. Oh Terry is going to pick lipsticks cause his lips are so red. He definitely wears lipstick.

For the last time guys, I do not wear any kind of lipstick or lip tint or whatever. The only thing I wear is this Pureness Lip Balm. And as I have explained on the about me section of my Youtube channel. My lips are just often redder than most people’s because I have a really bad habit of picking at them Alright.

But let’s see here Choices hmm I am actually torn between “Being kinda sassy” and being sarcastic all the time Because I mean, If you guys understand my sense of humor I, uh, am a pretty sarcastic individual. You know if you’ve seen, you know maybe one or two of my videos You may or may not be able to tell Actually, I kind of like fashion a lot. So like I could go with that one as well. But probably I’m going to go with being sarcastic all the time.

Your dream boyfriend or girlfriend eye color? Hmm This is something that I don’t really think about that often. Greenish blue, Blue, Dark brown, Light brown, Ocean blue, and gray blue Dude I didn’t even know that some of these colors existed Honestly, though I’m a pretty boring… I guess guy when it comes to eyes I don’t really care too much I mean I have kind of an I guess a light brown color But I don’t know. I think I find dark brown eyes pretty attractive so…


I don’t know. I never really thought about it. I’m gonna play it safe and let’s go with dark brown.

Which YouTuber would be your best friend? Alright we’ve got Alfie Deyes, we’ve got No one biatch, we’ve got GloZell Shane Dawson. That’s a very old picture I think of him.

Markiplier, Smosh, and Pewdiepie. Yeah, I know. I butchered like all their catch phrases and intros. I am sorry about that. Big famous Youtubers.

But let’s see. Who would be my best friend? Um probably Marki..Pewdiepie Probably.

Probably I’m gonna go with Pewdiepie I was gonna say Markiplier at first because I really respect Mark. Like he’s a genuinely good guy. And he works really hard on YouTube.

But personality wise as a best friend, I think I would just get along more with Pewdiepie Because he’s so funny and he’s really cool and down to earth. And I don’t know. These last few months that I’ve been watching Pewdiepie’s videos He’s just been like so entertaining, so real and like down to earth and. I don’t know. I just feel like he is someone I could definitely get along with.

So I’m gonna go with Pewdiepie. Alright. It’s calculating. Guys, moment of truth.

Who is my Youtube girlfriend? Dude, Jenna Marbles is my Youtube Girlfriend. I don’t know what to say like that that is a huge honor.

Like I’m such an old-school fan of Jenna Marbles. Like since her earlier videos And for those of you guys that don’t know, Jenna Marbles is like an OG Youtuber. She’s been around since like the beginning of Youtube. And she’s extremely funny and attractive.

So yeah. Wow. What an honor.

But of course she would never go for someone like me I’m sure but still. The test was fun. Nonetheless.

But yeah guys, this test was just for fun. I hope you enjoyed it. That is so funny. I got Jenna Marbles. Leave a comment down below.

Let me know what you think about these results. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys are having a great start to 2017.

And as always, I will see you guys in the next video. Goodnight.

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