Elite Singles Australia Review 2020

Nowadays, there are numerous professional dating websites and they all have features and benefits by which they differentiate from one another. Whether it’s meant for senior citizens or for working men, all of these websites have their own benefits and special features targeting a specific type of people. However, one similarity that all of these dating sites have is the promise of finding that one true love. Elite singles are one of those sites that are meant for people who are working professionals who are seeking for meaning full relationships. It is a dating site for learned and educated people of Australia. Elite singles differentiate itself from the other professional dating sites by its smart matchmaking system. Connections are made through compatibility factors. The system requires users to take a 200 question test so that it can gain insight into their personalities and find perfect matches for them. All matches are made on the bases of your personality, your preferences, and factors like lifestyle, future etc.

  • Chance of Getting a Date – 4 star
  • Profiles & Matching – 5 star
  • Layout and Usability – 5 star
  • Active Users – 4 star
  • Messaging System – 4.5 star
  • App – 5 star
  • Help and Support – 5 star

Sign up Process

Registering on Elite singles is pretty easy and starts with the sign-up process. The sign-up process is pretty easy and is user-friendly. All you need to do is provide an email address along with a password and the registration process will start. The site will also ask you to specify your gender and will ask for a partner’s preference whether you are looking for a man or women. After specifying all the information and accepting the terms and condition a confirmation email will be sent to you which will contain a link to the confirmation of registration.

After confirmation, you will be directed towards a questionnaire and a personality test. As the site matches you with singles based on your personality type, the questionnaire will contain questions that will assess your personality. It will contain questions like your age, geographic location, occupation, and preferences and based on those, the site will find you 4-7 matches every day.

The rest is pretty simple; you can go through the profiles of singles the site has matched you with. You can either send them out a message or if you aren’t ready yet, you can even save them to your favorites. The interface is very user-friendly and you will quickly get a hang of it.


Elites singles has a very user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use for anyone. The design is very intuitive and you can easily get a hang of it. The professional dating site will find you 4-7 matches every day based on your preferences and personality. It also has a feature of advanced search which is very effective and is based upon the answers of your questionnaire. Moreover, it even allows you to change the characteristics you hope to have in your future partner. So if at a given time you expect a certain quality from your future partner, you can easily change it on the site. Another amazing feature is that you can know the users who have visited your profile. That gives another possibility of finding an exciting match. The site also has a wide range of various filters like drinking habits to wish of having children, by which you can completely filter the type of dating options you desire. Premium paid subscription has numerous other features like private messaging, access to the mobile application, checking when your messages get read and much more. Moreover, with a premium paid subscription, you can also view all the photos of users. Elite singles also have a blog where they share tips and advice for dating.

Pros and Cons

As you have to wait till elite singles finds you match every day, this professional dating app is perfect for people who don’t like to scroll through a long list on dating sites and for people who are looking for a more serious relationship. Moreover, as the site matches you with people based on a long personality test based questionnaire you can be sure that the matches it finds you will be compatible. However, as this professional dating site finds you 4-7 matches per day it might make you impatient if you are accustomed to swiping through the app in search of a date. You also need to have a premium paid subscription if you wish to send a private message to a user or to view all the pictures of a user. This might be a turn off for people who don’t wish to get a premium paid subscription.

Ease of Use

As elite singles is a site for serious and true relationships, it takes security and protection of its user very seriously. The smart system of the professional dating sites easily detects frauds and makes sure that all of its users feel safe while using the site. Moreover, it also gives the option of reporting and blocking people is a user is uncomfortable. Elite singles strict policy also removes any user who is not looking for true relationships along with people who spam and are un-active.


The interface of the elite singles is very user-friendly and is intuitive. Users can quickly get a hang of it and can easily find any tools they look for. The system is smartly designed so that users get no difficulty in using it. However, they do not have a live chat support system which can be seen as a negative.

Subscription Prices

Duration Price per Month Total

  • 12 Months 49.95 AUD / 599.40 AUD
  • 6 Months 54.95 AUD / 329.70 AUD
  • 3 Months 89.95 AUD / 269.85 AUD

Editor’s Verdict:

Elite singles is an amazing professional dating site for people who are hoping to find serious commitments online. As more than 85% of its users are educated and holds a bachelors degree, the probability of finding serious dating prospects is very high. The powerful matchmaking system of elite singles maximizes the possibility of finding the true partner for you. Also, it is a great way of finding individuals who share the same values and characteristics as you. If you are seeking for a serious and a true relationship, then this is the right site for you.